KI-DO-MA | Sei-Ki with Alice Whieldon in HAMBURG

Workshop | 24.-26. Mai 2024 | Hamburg
Sei-Ki workshop with Alice Whieldon in Hamburg

Ki-do-ma – right time, right quantity, right space

Vital elements of both Shiatsu and Sei-ki.

Without these our work is reduced to ideas and techniques; with ki-do-ma our practice has the chance to enter another realm. The skilful practitioner refines and clarifies themselves so the mind/body knows sees and feels where to touch, experiences in their bones when to touch and does not think but feels precisely how long to stay.

This is what counts in Sei-Ki.

TeacherAlice Whieldon
Assistance / translationAlexandra Gelny
Date24 - 26 May, 2024
TimesFri + Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm
LocationSchule für Shiatsu Hamburg
LanguageEnglish (translation into German)
FeeEUR 395.- to 450.-
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A Sei-ki workshop is not just for those wanting to pursue this Way and Art but is also essential for Shiatsu practitioners who wish to deepen their Shiatsu work.

The founder of Sei-ki, Kishi Akinobu, studied Shiatsu in its Golden Age in Japan and was the star pupil of Masunaga. Sei-ki is born out of this fertile time and place and carries an echo of that work.

Shiatsu practitioners can catch and use this reverberation to enhance their understanding of the origins and possibilities of Shiatsu as well as get a taste of Sei-ki.

Students of Sei-Ki are welcome to join us and refine their experience of ki-do-ma in the great space offered by the Schule fur Shiatsu in Hamburg.

Alice Whieldon 

Alice Whieldon has worked in the field of Sei-ki and shiatsu for over 35 years. Having worked with Kishi Akinobu since 1997, she co-authored „Sei-ki: Life in Resonance – The Secret Art of Shiatsu“ (2011) with him. She is also the author of “Mind Clearing: The Key to Mindfulness Mastery” (2016) and has been involved in higher education for over 30 years.
She teaches workshops internationally for Sei-ki and Clearing. Alice lives and works in Norfolk(UK).

Alexandra Gelny

(Assistance and translation).
Alexandra has been involved in shiatsu since 2004 and has been passionate about Sei-Ki since 2011 (workshops with Akinobu Kishi, Kyoko Kishi and Alice Whieldon). She practices Sei-Ki and shiatsu in her practice in Vienna, and has been facilitating Sei-Ki since 2018.

Alice and Alexandra have known each other since 2017 and over the numerous workshops together, where Alexandra has translated and assisted for Alice, an inspiring collaboration has developed.

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