KOKORO | Sei-Ki with Alice Whieldon in VIENNA

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Sept. 27 – 29 2024 | Vienna. Sei-Ki intensive workshop with Alice Whieldon | Support: Alexandra Gelny. “Kokoro” is difficult to translate from Japanese. Heart, spirit, essence… all terms fall short. Kokoro can only be experienced, lived and felt. In Sei-Ki we need Kokoro. Alice takes you on a Kokoro journey.

KI-DO-MA | Sei-Ki with Alice Whieldon in HAMBURG

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24 -26 May 2024 | Hamburg. Ki-do-ma – right time, right quantity, right space. Vital elements of both Shiatsu and Sei-ki. A workshop with Alice Whieldon in Hamburg | Assistance und translation: Alexandra Gelny.
Alexandra Gelny (links) und Alice Whieldon (rechts)

Sei-Ki Retreat “on the edge”

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Sei-Ki Residential (Thu to Sun) with Alice Whieldon and Alexandra Gelny. Sei-Ki requires courage to stay present and in awareness, and to fully engage with what IS. Come with us to BergZendo Hohe Wand (South of Vienna) and immerse yourself into Sei-Ki practice “on the edge”.