Registration | Sei-Ki Residential 2024

Sei-Ki Residential 7-10 March 2024


We are happy that you want to join our Sei-Ki Residential from 7th to 10th of March, 2024, at BergZendo Hohe Wand.
For further planning and for the accommodation, we kindly ask you to provide us with the information below.  Thank you.

    Please choose between single or a double room (* Update: all single rooms are booked, only double rooms available):

    I will share the double room with (only fill in, if you have chosen a double room above and if you already know with whom you want to share the room):

    The food provided is vegetarian.
    Do you have any further special food requirements or intolerances?
    If yes, which ones?

    Do you have any previous Sei-Ki experience?

    The workshop will be held partly in English and partly in German.
    Do you need translation?

    Is there anything else you would like to let us know in advance?

    Cancellation policy

    Data protection

    Condition of registration:
    In order to secure your place, please transfer the total fee (EUR 700.- in a double room / EUR 730.- in a single room) within 7 working days to the account below.
    Alternatively, it’s possible to pay an initial deposit and agree on an individual payment plan with us, if this is what you need. Please let us know in the comment field above, so we can get in touch with you directly.

    Account holder: Alice Whieldon
    IBAN: BE94 9671 9085 2314
    By making the bank transfer you agree to the cancellation policy.

    Your registration will be checked by us and confirmed via email.
    Only with this confirmation and the payment of the course fee your participation is reconfirmed.