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Teaching is sharing, encouraging each other and growing together.

Alexandra Gelny


I have always taken great pleasure in teaching and facilitating. The first workshop I held was more than 25 years ago – back then as a student.

For some years now, I have been sharing my experience and what nourishes my work in workshops. This means a lot to me and I am infinitely grateful for these opportunities.

Teaching also keeps reminding me that it’s important to continue to learn and I learn a lot from each participant in my trainings. 

My teaching actitivies

I teach in several countries and in several languages (German, Italian, English, occasionally French).

My workshops are mostly aimed at shiatsu practitioners or practitioners of other bodywork methods, occasionally also at midwives or simply anyone interested. 

In the past years, I have been teaching mainly courses on Wellmother Maternity shiatsu (menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond), but also on embryology for shiatsu practitioners. For 2024, I am planning some projects facilitating Sei-Ki.

Information on current events are given in the language(s) in which the teaching event is offered.

For 1:1 classes, supervision or tutorials, please contact me via email.

Shiatsu und Krisen (Shiatsu and Crises)

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13. bis 15. Okt. | Innsbruck. Krisen mit Shiatsu begleiten | In Krisensituationen professionell handeln | Selbstfürsorge und Abgrenzung. Ein intensiver Workshop, mit dem du als Shiatsu-Praktizierende deine Krisenkompetenz auf mehreren Ebenen wesentlich verbessern kannst.
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Sei-Ki Immersion Days

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Neu! Monatlich. Nächster Termin: 13. Dez. 2023. In Wien. Sei-Ki Tages-Workshops für Teilnehmer*innen mit und ohne Sei-Ki Erfahrung. Einmal kommen, öfter kommen oder jedes Mal. Eintauchen in Sei-Ki, dir Anregungen holen, dein Sei-Ki vertiefen, gut in Kontakt kommen mit dir selbst und dich austauschen.
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Lifecycles Shiatsu+ | Online Support Circle

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Relaunch! Kostenlos auf Zoom | 6-7 Mal im Jahr. Nächster Termin: 23. November | 19.30-21 Uhr. Du praktizierst oder lernst Shiatsu? Themen rund um Frauengesundheit (Zyklus, Kinderwunsch, Menopause) und frühe Mutterschaft (Schwangerschaft, Geburt, Wochenbett etc.) interessieren dich ganz besonders? Dann ist mein Austausch- und Supervisionskreis vielleicht genau das Richtige für dich.
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Shiatsu per la salute riproduttiva e per i cicli della vita (Shiatsu for reproductive health and the cycles of life)

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15-17 dicembre 2023 | Roma. Un seminario per operatori shiatsu per comprendere meglio le dinamiche cicliche del corpo e della vita: Conoscere e sentire il ciclo mestruale | utilizzare lo Shiatsu per accompagnare chi desidera avere figli | scoprire una nuova qualità del tocco | esplorare i vasi straordinari e includerli nel trattamento.
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Sei-Ki Retreat “on the edge”

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Sei-Ki Residential (Thu to Sun) with Alice Whieldon and Alexandra Gelny. Sei-Ki requires courage to stay present and in awareness, and to fully engage with what IS. Come with us to BergZendo Hohe Wand (South of Vienna) and immerse yourself into Sei-Ki practice “on the edge”.
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