Sei-Ki Retreat “on the edge”

Workshop | 7-10 March 2024 | Hohe Wand (near Vienna, Austria)
Alice Whieldon and Alexandra Gelny

Sei-Ki Intensive Workshop

A long weekend (Thursday to Sunday), a unique place, a safe space, a small group and personal guidance… this is the setting for this very special Sei-Ki Residential.

Sei-Ki needs courage to stay present and in awareness, and to fully engage with what IS. It is also accepting and opening up to not knowing what will come next, supported by the certainty that every movement of life has a natural striving to unfold itself.
Come with us to the beautiful BergZendo Hohe Wand (South of Vienna) and immerse yourself into practicing Sei-Ki “on the edge”.

Alice and Alexandra are committed collaborators and look forward to sharing the heart of Sei-Ki and the life of this Art of Touch with you. The workshop is open to participants with and without Sei-Ki experience.

Exciting | relaxing | challenging | fun | inspiring

TeachersAlice Whieldon & Alexandra Gelny
Date7 - 10 March, 2024
TimesThu 3 pm until Sun 3 pm
LocationBergZendo Hohe Wand (Austria)
WorkshopEUR 450.-
Bed & foodfrom EUR 250.- (all in)
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UPDATE: We are fully booked. If you would like to participate, please sign up for the waiting list.
If places become available, we will allocate them in the order of the waiting list registrations.


Sei-Ki is the Way and Art of Touch in undivided attention to the person and to what is here, right now. It is about recognizing as “true” what we perceive, without judgement and without wanting to fix anything.

In this presence, a space opens where flow is possible and where health “remembers” itself. Sei-Ki is an “unfolding” into life, it is a space for encounter and recognition.

Sei-Ki is not easily accessible to the modern mind, nor can it be learned by understanding theoretical concepts. Sei-Ki is presence and authenticity in touch. “Knowing” in Sei-Ki comes through the training of observation, attention and the willingness to engage with the reality of life movement with an empty mind.

There are benefits to both receiver and practitioner in Sei-Ki

Receivers regularly report feeling more themselves and having a greater sense of what they want, in small things, but also, over time, in bigger areas of life such as work and relationships. As the body-mind wakes up and becomes more sensitive, life is experienced more immediately, more intensely and with more pleasure.

For the practitioner, discipline and commitment are rewarded through a greater connection to reality and quality in our work which continues into wider aspects of our lives. We experience growth in wisdom and an understanding of clients from the roots of actually seeing how it is for them rather than relying on theory and maps.

Sei-Ki – echo of original Shiatsu

Founded by Akinobu Kishi, Sei-ki has had a major influence on Western Shiatsu since the early 1980s. Kishi trained in Shiatsu during its Golden Age in Japan and Sei-ki  is an expression of the evolution of Japanese Shiatsu, as well as a return to its origins. Many Shiatsu teachers and practitioners refer to Kishi and his work as key to their development. Shiatsu practitioners are always welcome, in fact, we think Sei-ki is an essential component of Shiatsu training, a thread that connects back to the roots and feel of the original, Japanese Shiatsu; it is an echo we encourage you to ‘catch’ and use as you wish.

In essence, Sei-Ki is authentic and wholehearted relating.

What to expect

Sei-Ki Retreat from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon
  • Learn & deepen: We will accompany you in your Sei-Ki practice through guidance, support and feedback.
  • Hara training. Exercises | Gyoki (breathing hands) | Meditation
  • Katsugen. Spontaneous movement to clarify yourself
  • Experience: Sei-Ki is always an encounter with oneself and others
  • Practice observational ability – the heart of Sei-Ki
  • "Sei-Ki off the futon": perceiving nature with "Sei-Ki eyes”

The location…

The BergZendo is a place of peace and strength, immersed within beautiful nature. It is a Zen and seminar centre of the BodhidharmaZendo Vienna and is located in the Hohe Wand Nature Park, about an hour’s drive South of Vienna. At just under 1,000 metres above sea level, the BergZendo is “enthroned” at the top of the Hohe Wand (this literally means “High Wall”), an impressive karst plateau in southern Lower Austria.

From here, a breathtaking panoramic view opens up above and into the valley. The sunrises are unique.

We practice in a beautiful, light-filled space.
The rooms are furnished in a simple style, inspired by Zen.

This special place in nature will support us to fully engage with what is, with our senses, with ourselves and with each other. We are happy to be able to hold our Sei-Ki workshop here and are very grateful to BodhidharmaZendos Vienna for this.

How to get there

Exact address:
Am Almfrieden 87
2724 Hohe Wand

By public transport
Train to Wiener Neustadt (main station).
Then either take the regular bus (on weekdays) and continue on foot, or take a taxi from Wiener Neustadt. There is a special fare to BergZendo for EUR 40.- per trip regardless of the number of people and vehicle, for larger groups there is a minibus. In both cases, advance booking is absolutely necessary to get the special rate! On request, we will be happy to coordinate the joint pre-booking of a taxi.

By car
The BergZendo Hohe Wand is easily accessible from Stollhof via the Panorama-Bergstraße. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays there is a toll on this panorama road.

International Arrival
The train connections from Vienna Central Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof) to Wiener Neustadt are good and numerous. The nearest airport from BergZendo is Vienna International Airport.


Participation fee for the workshop: EUR 450.-

Accommodation and food (3 nights, 3 days full board):
* EUR 250.- in a double room
* EUR 280.- in a single room (first come first served)
>> Update: all single rooms booked, double rooms still available

The rooms have their own washbasins. Shared use of showers and bathrooms.

Total cost in a double room EUR 700.-
Total cost in a single room EUR 730.-

The maximum number of participants is 18.

To secure your place, please transfer the total amount to the account below.
Alternatively, it’s possible to pay an initial deposit and agree on an individual payment plan with us. Please get in touch with us directly, if this is what you need.

Account holder: Alice Whieldon
IBAN: BE94 9671 9085 2314

Cancellation policy

Up to one month before the start of the Residential, EUR 200 of the total costs will be retained. In case of cancellation within one month before the beginning of the workshop, the full amount will be retained, unless you name a substitute participant who will take your place.

Included in the price

  • A good three days of Sei-Ki residential workshop co-led by Alice Whieldon and Alexandra Gelny
  • Bilingual German/English each with translation (demand will be ascertained at registration)
  • Three nights in the beautiful BergZendo, in the middle of the Hohe Wand Nature Park
  • Full board: breakfast, lunch, dinner - fresh, regional, organic, vegetarian and vegan, prepared daily for us.


Arrival on Thursday (7 March) from 3 pm.
The workshop ends on Sunday (10 March) at 3 p.m.

You will receive an exact schedule of the workshop days with further organisational details a few weeks before the event.

For whom

Shiatsu practitioners are welcome as well as practitioners of other bodywork methods or people who are simply interested in connecting and growing through conscious touch and contact.
(Pregnant participants are explicitly welcome. Alexandra is an expert in the field.)

Alice Whieldon

Alice Whieldon has worked in the field of Sei-ki and shiatsu for over 35 years. Having worked with Kishi Akinobu since 1997, she co-authored „Sei-ki: Life in Resonance – The Secret Art of Shiatsu“ (2011) with him. She is also the author of “Mind Clearing: The Key to Mindfulness Mastery” (2016) and has been involved in higher education for over 30 years.
She teaches workshops internationally for Sei-ki and Clearing. Alice lives and works in Norfolk(UK).    |

Alexandra Gelny

Alexandra has been involved in shiatsu since 2004 and has been passionate about Sei-Ki since 2011 (workshops with Akinobu Kishi, Kyoko Kishi and Alice Whieldon). She practices Sei-Ki and shiatsu in her practice in Vienna.

Alexandra has been teaching (Shiatsu) workshops internationally since 2016 on topics related to women’s health, pregnancy and birth. She has been guiding Sei-Ki practice evenings in Vienna since 2018.

Alice and Alexandra have known each other since 2017 and after numerous workshops together, where Alexandra translated and assisted for Alice, an inspiring collaboration has developed.
The Residential 2024 is their first Sei-Ki co-teaching project.

Alexandra Gelny (links) und Alice Whieldon (rechts), Co-Teacher für das Sei-Ki Retreat.

We share our enthusiasm for Sei-Ki and are convinced that Sei-Ki is a unique and valuable practice that brings us into contact with the nature of life.

We are very much looking forward to creating this Sei-Ki workshop for you together and accompanying you in discovering and deepening your Sei-Ki practice.

Alice Whieldon & Alexandra GelnyCourse facilitators

Got any questions?

We’ll be happy to answer your questions about any details of the workshop.

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